La Légende des sciences

La Légende des sciences

The Legend of Sciences (Saga der Wissenschaften, in German) is a French documentary series in 12 episodes, produced in 1996 and broadcast from June 14, 1997 Arte.

The series explores with rigor but also philosophy and poetry, the development of science along human history.

The history of science is full of adventure and legendary for, those of humans led by their thirst for knowledge to undertake the most perilous journeys and make the most unexpected discoveries. Where is the science? Where are born algebra, arithmetic, numbers, measurement of space and time, medicine ...? Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Persia, Arabia ...? How Europe and the Mediterranean, both contributors and beneficiaries of this legacy from ancient Greece, did bear fruit and shared it with the world?

An invention can not be reduced to an object, it is necessary that around this subject there is a theory that supports and worldview, and this object changes with history. Throughout its twelve episodes of about 50 minutes, the documentary file a metaphor between scientific knowledge and a river into which its tributaries, referring by then also unable to find a specific and unique source of 'water.

A legend is a story recounting the heroic fantasy adventure, extraordinary epics of heroes whose actions change lives. A legend is also what is below the cards and allows playback. Legendary double what she does and those who make it, science in its diversity, its wonders, doubts and hopes was well told.

The script, comments and votes are the philosopher Michel Serres and Robert Pansard Besson, who also directed the World Tours program, Around the Sky (1990-2009). The work is co-produced by the chains La Sept-Arte and La Cinquième, The Louvre, Nickel Odeon Productions, Audiovisual Publishing and Continental cameras, with the participation of France 3 in particular. The original music is by Eric Demarsan; music for the "theme of Empedocles" is Jeanne Pansard Besson, for the "theme Stellar" by Georges Delerue.


This is an episode about the role of ancient Greece as well

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