Opening of two renovated halls of the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

The opening of two renovated halls of Ancient Corinth Archaeological Museum will solemnized Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 19:30, the Culture and Sport Minister. Aristides Baltas. The rooms are about the life and history of the city - state of Corinth, from the 10th century to 146 BC, when it was destroyed by Roman troops.

The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth is located in the heart of the eponymous archaeological site and operates under the responsibility of Antiquities, Corinth. It is one of the historical museums of Greek region, with high traffic, which reached 160,000 visitors in 2015.

The museum was built in 1931-1932 by architect W. Stuart-Thompson - by the American School of Classical Spoudon- initiative in order to house the finds from the excavations of ancient Corinth. In 1950 followed the expansion to the East, which was completed in 1953.

The original report included four halls: Hall of Prehistoric Antiquities Classical Antiquities Hall of Asklepios Hall and Roman Antiquities Hall.
In 2001 he settled in Roman Antiquities Hall one intercalary exhibition section entitled "Down to earth birthday", presenting 274 repatriated artifacts stolen from the museum in 1990 and identified in US Florida ten years later.

In 2007, under a project financed by the CSF, were shaping projects and infrastructure improvements and the Museum of Image and out and the re-opening of the Hall of Prehistoric Antiquities and the Chamber of Asklepios.
In 2012, the then LZ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities undertook the initiative to modernize the infrastructure and the exhibition program of the museum. In this context we redesigned the visitor traffic and implemented the re-opening of the South (formerly Classical) Hall and the exhibition halls a new room was added, the East, which until then functioned as a warehouse.

In the East Hall report sets out objects from the villages and temples of ancient Corinth, including the funerary constitution both of marble Kouros their sarcophagi from the necropolis of ancient Tenea, the "Sarcophagus of Chiliomodi" with painted capping plate and "Leo crow ', a unique funerary monument rescued from the hands of antiquities.
In South Hall exhibition exposed objects from the city, shrines and cemeteries of ancient Corinth, representing all aspects of public and private life of the Corinthians. Among them, the marble tombstone "Sphinx of Aetopetra" architectural Temple of Apollo, and many objects related to the daily life of ancient Corinth, but the city's overseas expansion in the western Mediterranean.

The exhibition is accompanied by rich visual material and media that enhance the museum experience for visitors.

The Act "restated ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF ANCIENT CORINTH" was incorporated in 2013 under Priority Axis 03 "Improving the business environment" of the Operational Programme "Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship" and financed by the European Regional Development Fund (NSRF 2007-2013), with the amount of 1,010 .000 €.

The project "DESIGN WELDING, STRUCTURAL EARTHQUAKE REHABILITATION AND PROTECTION OF TWO barbers FROM Klenia KORINTHIAS" funded by the Peloponnese region in the amount of 36.900 € and was implemented by the Archaeological Service Corinthia in collaboration with specialized scientists, conservators and sculptors.

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