Cycladic figurine from Keros / Κυκλαδικό ειδώλιο από την Κέρο

Κυκλαδικό ειδώλιο από την Κέρο - 2300 π.Χ.
Μουσείο Κυκλαδικής τέχνης - Ίδρυμα Γουλανδρή

Secrets Of Keros

A visitor is seen behind a Cycladic figurine of unknown provenance dating between 2800-2300 B.C., at the N. P. Goulandris Foundation-Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens, Nov. 14 2006. A new discovery of smashed marble figurines on an uninhabited Aegean Sea islet has shed new light on the mysterious Cycladic civilization, whose strikingly modern figurines are prized exhibits in museums and collections worldwide. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris) AP2006

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