Excavations of 2016 in Greece

Excavations of 2016

Evaggelismos Metro Station
Excavations for the Athens Metro- Kerameikos
The Shipwreck of “Mentor”
Underwater archaeological and geological research in West Crete and Antikythera

Central Macedonia
Excavation at Pella
Excavation of paleochristian building at Xifiani of Almopia
Excavation of paleochristian cemetery at Edessa (square no. 252a)
Excavation of post byzantine settlement at Mavromouria Asomaton at the Egnatia Road
Excavation of the Chapel of Timios Prodromos (John the Precursor) of the Holy Monastery of Iviron, Aghion Oros (Mount Athos)
Excavation of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedion of Mount Athos
Excavation of the Monastery of Zygos
Excavation of the west wall of the ancient settlement of Aloros of Almopia
Excavation research of byzantine cemetery at Edessa (square no. 154)
Excavation research of paleochristian cemetery at Edessa (square no. 250)

Excavations at the palace of Zakros
Sea room of Dia Island in Heraklion Crete

East Macedonia & Thrace
Aghios Ioannis Loukas Theologou - Theologos of Thasos
Byzantine Maroneia
Excavation of countryside villa at Aggista
Excavation of Mount Papikion - Linos, Sostis, Kerasia
Excavation of prehistoric settlement at Limenaria of Thasos
Excavation of the Cathedral of Maximianoupolis
Excavation research at Plotinopolis of Didimoteiho
Prehistoric settlement at Skala Sotiros, Thasos

Excavation at Dimokastro - Thesprotia

Ionian Islands
Excavation research of the Court of Justice site, Corfu
Sea room of Cove Giagana ,Kefalonia

North Aegean
"Survey of the ancient Lesvos harbor nework"

Modern shipwreck in the area of Messenia, Peloponnese
Mycenaean Settlement in Korfos-Kalamianos, Corinth
Pavlopetri Lakonias
'Shipwreck of columns', Sapienza, Methoni
Shipwreck of Sarcophagi in Sapienza
Submerged prehistoric settlement of Methoni
Underwater Archaeological Research, Franchthi cave, Prefecture of Argolis

Southeast Aegean
Ancient Harbor of Mandraki Bay, Kythnos
Conservation and Restoration of Ancient Karthaia on Keos.
Excavation at Sofokleous square
Excavation of Ir. Zervos piece of land
Excavation of Louloudia piece of land
Excavation of the Church of Archangelos Michael (Demirli) at Athens square
Excavation of the Port of the Myloi
Hoard of coins and jewelry (late 18th century AD)
Research Programme 'South Euboean'
The 12th century A.D shipwreck of the Rhodes' commercial port

Sterea Hellas
Archaeological site of the town and necropolis of ancient Ehinus
Chatziconstantinou excavation
Excavation at "Kiouskia", Amfissa - Lidoriki National Road
Excavation Tabitsika - Soultanaki
Opening up of underground passage at the provincial road Thiva- Mourikio
Tsallas Residence
Widening of the Athens- Lamia national road. Excavation research at Akraifnion underpass.

Klokotos Trikala
Platanos Trikala
Sea room of Skiathos island
Underwater archaeological research in the area of North Sporades
Zarko Trikalon

West Hellas
Topographic survey and geophysical prospection of the archaeological remains, in the harbour of Kyllini (Glarentza)

West Macedonia
Excavation of prehistoric cemetery at Xeropigado, Kozani
Excavation research at the artificial lake of Polifitos, Kozani
Excavation research at the neolithic settlement of Kolokinthous, at the Municipality of Aliakmonas of Kastoria
Neolithic settlement at Avgi, Kastoria
Rescue excavation at Aghios Panteleimonas, Amintaio
Rescue excavation of the new aquaduct at Pentavriso, Kastoria

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