The rare 2,300-year-old Ancient Greek gold crown which discovered under a bed in a Somerset cottage was a funerary object.

The rare 2,300-year-old Ancient Greek gold crown which discovered before 3 moths (read about:  here) was a funerary object.

Wreaths worn as a crown are among the more recognizable symbols of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Awarded for various accomplishments, or simply as symbols of status and rank, wreaths might be made from the leaves of such plants as olive, ivy, oak, myrtle or laurel. The laurel wreath, awarded to victorious athletes and for academic achievement, is perhaps the best known of the wreath crowns. The example seen here, however, depicts artistic variations on a mix of species including the trumpet vine.

Wreaths of mixed foliage, particularly fashioned in precious metal, are believed to have been made as funerary objects or as offerings at temples. The conquests of Alexander the Great, and the later expansion of the Roman Empire resulted in the appearance of such items far beyond the boundaries of modern Greece and Italy.

Here is another Greek Gold Wreath, 2nd century BC

This wreath was purportedly recovered in modern day China, in a region which saw tremendous cross-cultural contact exchange due to the trade routes of the famed Silk Road.

According to Duke’s the owner had inherited the piece from his grandfather, who had apparently travelled extensively in Northern Greece in the 1940s and 1950s (Paul Barford rightly draws our attention to the ubiquity of the ‘dead grandfather’ in questionably-sourced antiquities claims).

Well we have a few guestions
Can we believe Duke's about it? Is it an ancient wreath or fake, Is it a Greek wreath or another Chinese wreath as the one above.  If it's original, the owner don't have pappers of ownership so it is illegal to sell it,and must return it to Greece Why this wreath come to light after the excavations of  Amphipolis? Is the Wreath found at the excavations (nowday) and sold illegally.

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