Ancient greek gold diadem 300BC from Pontika / Αρχαίο Ελληνικο χρυσό διάδημα απο την Ποντική

Ancient greek jewelry 300BC from Pontika
Now at Staatliche Antikensammlungen museum
Note the Use of Garnet for the Reef Knot at the Center

Αρχαίο Ελληνικο χρυσό διάδημα απο την Ποντική
Τώρα βρίσκετε στο μουσείο Staatliche Antikensammlungen στο Μόναχο

The period from 325 BC until the rise of the Roman empire in 27 BC is called the Hellenistic Period, a time where gold became plentiful again in Greece. Gold mining operations in Thrace initiated by Philip II and Alexander's successful campaigns to the East brought bounties from Persia and provided the Hellenistic goldsmiths with the much needed base metal. The jewelry production from the 3rd century BC remained in tradition with that of the classical period.

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