Ancient Greek World of Playmobil

The temple of Athens (pic 1)

It took 42 years to get out the first two Greek figures at Playmobil.
The theme was not accidental and could not have been something other than the Ancient Greek world.
(pic 2)

The god Zeus and the goddess Athena through a game bring us into contact with antiquity in a different way.
The temple of Zeus (pic 3)

The manufacturer of dioramas Dennis Vangopoulos (GRecobil) collects the game since 1996 and in recent years engaged in the construction of dioramas of classical era parts and Playmobil figures. This year the theme is "Ancient Greek world and Mythology".
(pic 4)
You can see a representation of the interior of the temple of Athens and Zeus (pic 1 and pic 3). The first part of the "Ancient Greek world" is expected to be completed in the summer of 2017 showing life in Ancient Greece from various regions of Greece which played an important role in ancient times, inheriting the greek world heritage monuments.
(pic 5)

The objective is the final form to be hosted for educational purposes as schools.
(pic 6)

Visit the official page of GRecobil HERE
The biggest collector Playmobil in Greece Dennis Vagopoulos (GRecobil(pic 7)

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Interview of Dennis Vagopoulos (GRecobil) at ipop.gr Here

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