Peter Kokozis and the theatrical play titled "ATREIDES"

Peter Kokozis and the theatrical play titled "ATREIDES". (Also see. "PERSES" AESCHYLUS, 2014)

Truly those lucky (and was too many) were found at the Civic of Florina to watch ATREIDES performance of the theater group Culture Club. A performance that likely and injustice referring to it with the famous cliché "has nothing to envy from the great performances of the center." Yes indeed it had nothing to envy instead had to offer: Simplicity, robustness, accuracy and above all respect, the work itself, conscious of weight amateurs.Players have undertaken to carry out. Their unjust verb, since there simply handled, but the old custom "taught" tragedy.

All spectators, each to the extent his initiation in ancient tragedy enjoyed the excellent messages of our great tragic. Those who came first in contact with the object stated excited by the quality of the show neither tired nor repelled, quite the contrary intrigued. 

The more skilled in classical theater declared doubly excited: The presentation of excerpts Agamemnon and The Libation Bearers by Aeschylus and (less) Electra of Sophocles, was technical director and hypocritically well. 

Belonging to those who attend every year the shows and having recently watched and Agamemnon and Electra in separate performances and this year (outrageous for modernism and the distances from the original version) Oresteia Chouvardas, 

I can confidently say that the performance erected by charismatic -and certainly semnos- (with the assistance of the director Peter Stogiantsi assistant) Peter Kokozis responsible for translation-dramaturgical-directing processing etc. -Tents -Homologation and costumes efstochise and was happy with.
φωτογραφία: Seidaridis Nikos

 In a simple but evocative backdrop to architecture supervision and study Michalis Papayannakis, with musical supervision of Kon / mind Papoutsis and lighting Christos Gialavouzi, unfolded the drama of the people and the curse of the Atreides.

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