Ancient Macedonian language

Ancient Macedonian, the language of the ancient Macedonians, was spoken in the kingdom of Macedon during the 1st millennium BC and belongs to the Indo-European language family. It gradually fell out of use during the 4th century BC, marginalized by the use of Attic Greek by the Macedonian aristocracy, the Ancient Greek dialect that became the basis of Koine Greek, the lingua franca of the Hellenistic period.

The surviving public and private inscriptions found in Macedonia indicate that there was no other written language in ancient Macedonia but Ancient Greek, and the recent epigraphic discoveries in the Greek region of Macedonia, such as the Pella curse tablet, suggest that ancient Macedonian was a variety of the North Western Ancient Greek dialects.
Στήλη των μέσων του 4ου αιώνα π.Χ. από την Βεργίνα, με επίγραμμα στην κορυφή της.

Sintiki curse tablet

Sintiki curse tablet, 4th c B.C.

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