Leonidas Spartan King Carved Wood Bust / Ξυλόγλυπτο πορτραίτο του Βασιλιά Λεωνίδα

Leonidas Spartan King (Primitive Stylised Carved Wood Bust/Head statue) by Eric Kempson
Ξυλόγλυπτο πορτραίτο του Βασιλιά Λεωνίδα της Σπάρτης φιλοτεχνημένο από τον Άγγλο Καλλιτέχνη
Eric Kempson. 2009

Leonodas, Hero of Thermopylae (King Of The Spartans) Olive Wood Sculpture hand Carved by Eric Kempson. Dimensions 45x20x20, postage included www.epsilon-art.com Hand carved Greek Olive wood sculpture. Designed and sculpted by Eric Kempson. Each of our organic hand carved Olive wood sculptures are as unique as each olive tree is unique. All postage and packaging is included in the price. (No trees were harmed in the making of our sculptures; Olive trees are "Trimmed" on a regular basis for easier harvesting and to avoid wind damage.


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