Alexander The Great - Ancient Greek/Macedonian Gold Coin STATER 336-323 BC

336-323 BC
approximately 17mm & 8.53 grams
• Alexander the Great is still the greatest commander of all times.

• His war tactics are still taught at military academies.

• Alexander brought the Greeks a new way of fighting. He taught
the Persians the Greek way of life and everyone in his empire a
view of the wide world

• According to some scientists, the rise of Alexander the Great in
accordance with the rise of a Macedonian/Hellenistic Empire had
already been predicted in the Bible. In Daniel 8:5-7 the prediction
metaphorically predicts the coming of a great “King of Greece”.

• Including premium box with certificate

Images are examples of the condition of the coin
you will receive but not photos of the actual coin.

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