Bad weather "dug" archaeological treasure at Crete, Greece

A priceless archaeological treasure surfaced following the recent downpours that fell in Ierapetra, Crete. According to what is stated in neakriti.gr, found on 4 January by young farmer, who handed immediately to the Archaeological Service. It is a marble sculpture rather Roman, depicting the young woman's head with a stunning hairstyle..

This important archaeological find is preserved in excellent condition and stands for the technique of the sculptor who created and managed to withstand the centuries without losing anything of its luster, it is noted in a publication of the website.

The head of the Lasithi curator Chrysa Sophianos, told that, "It is true that the ancient sculpture that was found last week in Ierapetra, delivered and stored in our Service. Next week will be popping in Ierapetra to do the assessment and tell you exactly what is going on and what time it is placed. This sculpture as others that have been found in the area will be maintained, will remain and will be exposed in the Archaeological Collection of Ierapetra ".


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