Statue of the goddess Athena worldwide

The neoclassical Column of Athena, by Leonidas Drosis, in front of the Academy of Athens.

Athena statue outside the "Museum for Prehistory and Early History" (Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte). Berlin, Germany
Sculpture of Athena, Botanical Hardens, Copenhagen, Denmark
Pallas Athene by Roman Anton Boos (1777), statue at the Great Cascade in the Nymphenburg Park, Munich, Germany
Figure goddess of war, Athens on the facade of the Armory. Gdansk, Poland
Sculpture representing Athena by Maucord
Old door of the arsenal of Toulon, France, now a museum of the Navy.
Athena Statue at the Agriculture School. Linz, Austria
Statue of Pallas Athene on the facade of the former gymnasium at the Westsingel in Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Athena Statue at the The Pennsylvania State Memorial.
Gettysburg Battlefield monument, Pennsylvania, USA
Athens (Minerva) with the young man. 
Statue at the attic of the Bratislava Primate's Palace (1781), Slovakia
Pallas Athena in Andromeda's fountain. Royal Palace of La Granja, Spain
Statue of the warrior goddess Athena with a spear and her sacred owl.
Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg. Germany.
Statue of the goddess Athena at the Athenæum Club, Pall Mall, London

Athena at Reggio di Calabria, Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, Italy
(Thank you Filomena Tridico)
Pallas Athena statue in Budapest, Hungary
(Thank you Barbara Szecső )
Athena statue in the Parthenon of Nashville, USA
(Thank you Kristopher Bernard)
University Campus "Minerva"(Athena) sculpture by Arturo Martini, 1935. Sapienza, Roma, Italy
(Thank you Antonio Espo Esposito)
Pallas Athena, Palace House of Pilate, Sevilla, Spain
(Thank you Jose Fdez)
Representation of the goddess Pallas Athena, Valencia, Spain
(Thank you Francisco Vives Boix)
Palas Atenea crowning the newspaper La Prensa building in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Statue Of Athena  at Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
(Thank you Argyrios Voutselas)

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