The new proposal of Greece to Britain for the Parthenon Marbles!

The exchange of the Parthenon Marbles borrowed other important antiquities proposed by Greece, according to the newspaper  "Independent".

The Britsih newspaper post an article about the Parthenon marbles with the tittle  «Greece offers ancient archaeological wonders in exchange for Elgin Marbles».

So... according to that article:

Greece considers symbolic act the returning of the Marbles to Greece, this period in which some seek the dissolution of Europe.

The Greece proposes borrowing masterpieces such as "golden mask of Agamemnon" or the statue of Zeus.

The new proposal of Greece to Britain to return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece presents the Independent newspaper today. As mentioned, the Greece offers archaeological masterpieces, in exchange for the Parthenon Marbles.

Athens asks Britain to allow the restoration of the sculptures of the Parthenon -work of first democracy worldwide before 2500 chronia-- as a symbolic act against the destructive forces seeking the dissolution of Europe, writes the Independent newspaper today.

Greece has requested the return of the Parthenon Marbles, the Elgin marbles, writes features the British newspaper, the British Museum, as a symbolic act to fight anti-democratic forces that seek "the dissolution of Europe."

The Greek government decided not to take legal action against Britain last year, and instead will resume its diplomatic efforts with a regular loan offer some of the masterpieces of ancient Greece in British institutions.

The Greek museums keep amazing works of antiquity. The arrival of masterpieces such as "golden mask of Agamemnon" or the statue of Zeus or Poseidon expected to cause the same interest aroused first arrival in Britain of Terracotta Army of China, in the 1980s, the Independent says.

The marbles that Lord Elgin took before more than 200 years, when Greece was part of the Ottoman Empire, representing about half of the sculptures that once adorned the temple of Parthenon. The sculptures have been widely recognized as belonging to the best ever executed.

Greece's Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou said that allowing the restoration of this monument, which is the foundation of Western values ​​a message is sent to Europe's commitment to democracy, at a time when many believe that this is threatened by the rise of nationalism.

"The reunification of the Parthenon Marbles will be a symbolic act that will highlight the fight against the forces that undermine the values ​​and foundations of European case against those who seek the dissolution of Europe. The Parthenon monument represents a symbol of Western culture. It is the emblem of democracy, dialogue and freedom of thought, "he said.

Ministry of Culture and Sports: The Independent article about a proposal for Parthenon Marbles was a hoax

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