Daughter of Niobe

Figurines, statues ect. / Eιδώλια, αγάλματα κ.α
A daughter of Niobe, falling, struck in the back by an arrow for which she gropes. From a pedimental group taken from Greece to Rome. About 430 BC. Height 1.49 m. (Rome, Terme 72274)
 A daughter of Niobe. She has been struck in the back and stumbles to her knees.

Plaster cast: Height: 1.52m.
Copy of a marble statue.
The statue:
is from the pediment of a building - probably a temple in Greece.
was made about 430 BC.
was found in the Gardens of Sallust in Rome in 1906.
is now in Rome, Museo Nazionale delle Terme, inv. 72 274.

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