The Rimondi Fountain, Rethymnon

The Rimondi Fountain is located at the North End of Petychaki square, in the centre of the old town of Rethymnon.  The current fountain stands on the site of an older fountain believed to have existed since at least 1588.  The Venetian governor J. Rimondi started the reconstruction of the current fountain in 1626. 
 During the Venetian Period many towns on Crete suffered severe water shortages.  For most practical needs residents counteracted this problem by collecting rain water in cisterns or by digging wells.  However, drinking water for the inhabitants was supplied by public fountains.

The front of the Rimondi Fountain consists of 4 small columns which stand on raised basins.  These basins were used as troughs for animals to drink from.  The water runs from spouts that are in form of lions' heads.  There are three recesses in the fountain; the central recess is of particular interest as it has a semi-circular alcove displaying the crown of Rimondi. 

After Rethymnon fell to the Turks in 1646, the fountain was walled in and domed over for a time; however the later Turkish additions either fell into decay or were destroyed by local inhabitants.


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