Erietta Vordoni “About felicity” Exhibition in London On Wednesday 28th June 2017

Opening of the London solo exhibition of Erietta Vordoni "About Felicity" in the presence of the artist. Martix- A Fine Mix of Art,43A South Audley street, W1K2PU London

"When looking into the artworks of Erietta Vordoni it feels like the magic of her spirit and presence is personified in material culture. Coming from a traditional background with impressive studies and biography, Erietta creates contemporary art in a grounded and attractive manner. She studied under Moralis, and graduated with the highest honors from the Athens School of Fine Arts. She continued her studies at the ΄Εcole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris under Kremonini and Cesar, where the French Ministry of Culture granted her an atelier for life. A globe trotter indeed, as well as a citizen of the two so called cities of light: Athens and Paris. What does this mind and spirit share with us, and what do we observe at Erietta Vordoni's summer 2017 London exhibition 'About Felicity'? 

Erietta is following the steps of numerous genius minds such as of Epicurus, Aristotle, Hobbes, Thomas Aquinas and other philosophers both well known and unknown, who have all wondered about what felicity is throughout the centuries of human existence. The given answer seems to be the iconography of her artworks: the beauty of country and still life, the sense and sensibility of love and lovers, the vigor and delicacy of both the flaura and the fauna...

Vordoni is working on mediums away from the traditional, such as plexiglas, transparencies and metals, yet she is using painting materials close to tradition, such as oils. This technique creates a thread between classical and contemporary both in a conscious and subconscious way. This is a feast for the eyes deriving from a deep and honest conversation of the artist with her soul and the whole universe. What an interesting dialogue and a perpetual game of coding and threading elements and feelings is the London exhibition of Erietta Vordoni 'About Felicity'. " 

Maria Migadi (Art Historian)

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