The orchestra and the first series of theater seats were discovered in Ancient Thouria

The findings of the excavations in Ancient Thouria are impressive, and the magnificent ancient theater slowly descends into light. The excavation period for this year was completed with significant - as they were characterized - results that give a significant outlook for the continuation.
It is also estimated that this particular ancient theater is one of the largest.

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According to archaeologist Xeni Arapogiannis: "The significance of the revelation and the existence of an ancient theater is enormous for the region as well. And so much exaltation will be given to this region, the Municipality of Kalamata and the whole area. It will be a great vista of the site with great developments in the future ".

As for the excavation that took place this summer at the Ancient Theater, he said: "It went very well with significant and impressive results, as the whole orchestra of Ancient Theater was revealed with all the first row of seats. Now we can have a very impressive and impressive picture of ancient theater. "

Altogether this year, 3 archaeologists, 9 laborers and an architect worked.

As for the next goal, it is "to be able to continue the excavation to give the largest possible share to the public and then to the restoration study and, of course, the restoration."

As for the funding of the excavation, according to Mrs. Arapogianni, it mainly comes from the George and Victoria Karelia Foundation, as well as from the Municipality of Kalamata, the Kapetan Vasilis and Karmen Konstantakopoulos Foundation as well as the Region of the Peloponnese, which contributes to the improvement of the the image of the ancient, in their projection, mainly in the area of ​​Asklepieion.

The important contribution of all members of the Friends of Ancient Thurias and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Messinia was emphasized.
Archaeologist Xenia Arapoyianni spoke of the whole course and the expectations, while for today the Ariochori Cultural Association had prepared a small celebration in honor of the whole group and its work.


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